Increase your impact
by organizing your online resources

Hi, I'm Sam Raddatz.

I'm an information architecture consultant
helping nonprofits organize their online resources.

Who You Are

My clients are established nonprofits that provide resources and educational tools in areas of social good, e.g. mental health, gender and identity-based initiatives, civic engagement, social justice, and environmental issues. 

Your organization has important and useful web-based resources, but they’re poorly organized or unclearly labeled, resulting in lower user engagement than you’d like. For example, maybe you have a resource library or blog with too many filters, haphazard tagging, and a cluttered navigation.

In short, you’ve got a bunch of great content, but no one can find what they’re looking for.

How I Help

I provide consulting services related to taxonomy issues. I can help you make sense of what you have and how to improve it.

This can look like:

  • Giving feedback on existing or proposed navigation, labels, filters, and content hierarchy 
  • Flagging and giving recommendations on usability issues
  • Advising on content optimization and SEO
  • Training on information architecture best practices
  • Guidance on how to do user research in-house

My consulting services are $3,000 per month, with a 3-month minimum. This includes weekly consulting calls and unlimited email support.

The first step is a free 30-minute consultation.

About Sam

Sam Raddatz, Founder and CEO of Logic Dept., has a background in project management, qualitative sociology, and holds a Master’s degree in Information and Library Science.

She is also a Program Manager at Netflix, where she works to ensure consumer-facing data is inclusive and representative of both program and audience diversity. 

Sam is a past board member of the Information Architecture Institute and oversaw coordination of World Information Architecture Day.

Past Clients