Logic Department employee and peer collaborating on a IA exercise.
Logic Department employee mapping a client project
Logic Department employee working with a client

Reduce Digital Frustration

You have a sneaking suspicion that your website could be better.
Maybe it’s cluttered.
Maybe it’s hard to use.
Or maybe the most important content is hidden. 

We’re a team of information architecture consultants providing research-based guidance. 

We exceed your expectations by offering functional solutions you didn’t even know to ask for. After working with us, you’ll have a clear path forward that perfectly combines user needs with business goals.

We work with nonprofits and companies of all sizes that help people and use information for good.

What We Do:

Stakeholder Interviews
Scope Definition
Information Architecture
Taxonomy Creation
Expert Usability Reviews
Usability Testing
User Flows
Site Maps
User Research

What We Don't Do:

Visual Design
App Development
Content Creation
User Interface Design
Interaction Design
Technical Architecture
Building Architecture

Who We've Worked With