The Consolidate & Clarify Package

Over several years and dozens of projects, we’ve developed a process for consolidating an organization’s existing web sites/pages in a way that makes them MUCH more manageable, brings clarity to the whole organization, and increases its impact.

In less than a year, we’ll take you from websites that are frustrating time sucks, to easy-to-manage websites that truly meet the needs of your audience and stakeholders.

At the end of the Consolidate & Clarify process, your organization will have:

Happier Users

Do you like spending time on websites that are confusing or overwhelming? Neither do your users. 

Consolidating your online content means your valuable resources will be much easier to access. Which means your nonprofit will be fulfilling its mission in a much stronger way. 

Happier Staff

Website content that’s hard to manage can lead to internal arguments, frustration, and tons of wasted time. 

With clear guidelines for what goes where, staff will know exactly where to send users and what to do with new content. And they’ll have more time, energy, and goodwill to dedicate to their essential job duties.

Happier Board & Funders

Impact is the name of the game, right? But impact can be hard to prove when your online content is a hot mess.

By actually fixing underlying website organization issues (instead of just putting on a fresh coat of paint), your nonprofit’s online content will have deeper, more sustainable, and quantifiable impact for many years to come.

The Process

Our step-by-step Consolidate & Clarify process takes about 12 months. It’s paid via monthly retainer, making budgeting easier for your organization.

The first step is getting everyone on the same page about the existing online content. We’ll gather input from your key internal stakeholders about their goals and frustrations around the current website(s). Then we’ll inventory all of the existing content and review any available analytics. This phase culminates in a summary of both the current and desired states.

Next, we’ll dig into the content itself. Through a variety of in-depth research and testing techniques, we’ll create a set of recommendations for the best way to organize and label your content.

At the end of this phase, you’ll know what content to remove, re-write, or merge; what the new site map for your site(s) will look like; and how to name all content areas. You’ll also have complete archetypes for each audience group and a clear understanding of which content is for which audience.

Finally, we’ll work with internal teams (and outside contractors, if needed) to implement our recommendations. This will include making structural and technical changes to the site(s) and editing content. There will be a lot of moving parts here, but we’ll manage the process for you, from start to finish.

Then, six months after project completion, we’ll do an Impact Check of your SEO to make sure our work is resulting in the desired outcomes.

Continuous updates: We’ll update you regularly on our progress via weekly status meetings with your point person, as well as monthly status meetings with all internal stakeholders. We’ll also maintain an ongoing, updated deck of findings and recommendations, so no one has to wonder where we are in the process.

Access to our knowledge and network: We pride ourselves on being available to our clients, and will respond to any email within 4 business hours. You’ll also have access to our network of vetted vendors (developers, designers, copywriters, etc.) if needed.

Peace of mind: Big projects like this can be a bear to manage. Our aim is to take as much of this stress off your plate as possible. To that end, we will be responsible for establishing and managing timelines, and coordinating and updating any budgets. We want to help you solve problems, not create more of them!

“Logic Department ensures that websites are more than pretty pictures or flashy graphics; they create thoughtful structure grounded in user experience research that will dramatically improve the functionality and longevity of a web platform.

Institute for New Economic Thinking

“Structured, thoughtful approach delivered by lovely people – I always felt like I was learning but never felt like I was in over my head as a non-technical practitioner.

Deputy Director of National Programs,
Trust for Public Land

Is your organization a good fit?

Our Consolidate & Clarify process is best for non-profits in the U.S. with operating budgets of $50 million or more that have over 400 pages of online content (which may be across one, two, or ten websites). 

If your websites play a key part in the mission, reach, and impact of your organization, our process can really help you make a difference.

Ready to stop the madness?