Help your website with the Kondo Method

Marie Kondo saying "I love mess"

Just like our homes, our websites can get full of stuff. Over time we accumulate info pages, blog posts, items for sale, uploaded images and assets… the list goes on and on. Suddenly, it’s hard to find things and know if you already have something.

“We should add a page about our educational offerings targeted towards high schoolers… or did we already do that?” becomes our “we should buy a dehumidifier… or do we already have one in a closet somewhere?”

Someone in your organization becomes the “parent” who is the only one who knows where everything is and everyone has to go to them to ask. And it’s annoying to you and them! Not to mention inefficient.

So what can you do when it becomes totally overwhelming? When you’re not even sure where to start, what to get rid of, what to keep, and how to store all the stuff you’re keeping around. (How did you even get all this stuff anyway?!) Add to that a layer of internal politics and personal-offense potential and it can feel impossible to tackle alone.

That’s where help comes in! Website “personal organizers” who can come in with their unbiased yet professional experience to help you determine what to get rid of and how to organize what you keep. You, your colleagues, and your visitors will know where everything is, and you will never go back to the mess.  One name for these digital organizers is “information architects”. We love mess!

Imagine a website where everything has a clear place to go, so your team saves hundreds of hours internally, and visitors can find exactly what they need, so their time-on-page increases, bounce rates decrease, and their confidence in your organization goes up!

What a dream! What a luxury! But totally obtainable as well.

Set up a free 30-minute consultation to speak with our lead Information architect and hear how we can help declutter!