Dept. Round-up: Sept. 20, 2019

  • There was a drastic change in the world of Information Architecture this week. The IA Institute has dissolved. We want to thank everyone who has put so much time and effort into this organization. This community of professionals is a strong one, and we will continue to thrive. As Peter Morville said, “The people and the community live on”

  • We tend to get caught in a conversation about the meaning of “UX.” This article talks about the changes that have taken place over time in regards to the term UX. It’s definitely an interesting read and may offer a shift in perspective for die-hard UX-ers.

  • Got a few minutes to watch the incredibly satisfying process of making pencils? Maybe take a break and a few minutes to yourself, because it’s so satisfying.

  • Cute animal of the week: This penguin that got to visit Penguin Random House! It turns the pages of books! It waddles around and gets into shenanigans in the warehouse. Too. Stinking. Cute. The penguin came from the Maryland Zoo, which happens to have a pretty incredible Instagram feed.

  • Podcast Recommendation: Hurry Slowly, recommended by our friend, Sara Hashim. We recommend diving in from the beginning. Jason Fried from Basecamp talks about building his business in a calm, measured, and profitable manner.