Dept. Round-up: Oct. 4, 2019

  • Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we have an awesome new tool on our website🎺. Check out our Site Evaluation Tool to see if your organization’s website needs some IA love.

  • We tend to work with qualitative data, which is a special beast. We really appreciate this article from the Nielson Norman Group. Maria Rosala walks through how to collect and analyze qualitative data. If you’ve ever been curious about qual, give this a read.

  • Is it weird to have a favorite mommy blog when you don’t have kids? Don’t answer that, it doesn’t matter. Our lovely neighbor, Stewart Hoyt, got a shout out on our favorite mommy blog this week! He constructed a beautiful wooden table (it’s in the seventh picture). Stewart is a great wood-worker if you’re ever in the market, we recommend him.

  • We can’t get enough of this video from Jason Kottke. What’s the Fastest Way to Board an Airplane? We promise, it’s not what you’d expect, but it’s gorgeous to watch. Warning: it could make you preemptively annoyed thinking about your next travel experience.

  • Podcast Recommendation: We are pretty big fans of 99PI, but this week’s episode was particularly intriguing. Take 30 minutes for yourself and learn about DIY Urbanism.

  • From the archive: We’ve been hearing a lot of the old “how do I do the portfolio” questions lately. So, we pulled this great resource from our archive. Luke Chambers walks through 10 easy steps that will help with creating a beautiful portfolio. Know anyone who is struggling with that process right now? Send this their way.