Dept. Round-up: Oct. 25, 2019

  • Kathryn Whitenton from Nielson Norman Group tackles an important question in this video. Do we still need IA? Obviously, we say yes we have a whole company built around it! Watch this video to see what pros from Nielson Norman Group have to say.

  • Use of the term UX has really been a hot-ticket item lately. No one seems to know what it means or how to use it. This is a short, but thoughtful (and kind of funny) look at some problematic uses of UX.

  • If you’re in NYC, don’t forget that early voting start on Saturday, (10/26). This is the first time the city has EVER offered early voting, which is incredibly exciting! If you won’t have time to vote on the 5th, you can swing by your poll site within the whole week leading up to voting day.

  • We’re skipping out on the cute animal this week for incredible feats of human ability. Check out this clip of Simone Biles. She casually performs a backflip with a twist before throwing the first pitch of an Astros baseball game. It’s no surprise she’s the most-medaled gymnast ever! She can do incredibly difficult things…and make them look easier than sitting in a chair to watch this.

  • Podcast Recommendation – Awkward Silences: A podcast that interviews the people who spend their time interviewing people. Enjoy this three-episode mini-series within Awkward Silences. These episodes dive into how researchers can do great work internationally.