Dept. Round-up: Nov. 1, 2019

  • We love qualitative data. We could spend all day digging through a mine of transcripts and notes. People tend to have a hard time understanding how we find gold in our research. So, we really appreciate this video that Nielsen Norman Group recently released. It offers a simple breakdown of thematic analysis. We use this practice in our processes and find it to be very productive and fruitful.

  • Giving advice is hard. Some people don’t want it. Some people want it, but don’t know how to ask for it. Some people just need help coming to a productive solution. Turns out there is a process to giving good advice. Some of it seems pretty obvious but people tend to overlook the obvious. It’s definitely a quality read.

  • Everyone knows it, some people talk about it, but most people just pretend it isn’t happening. Our data is everywhere! All the big tech names are mining data about users all the time. Those of us that do think about it, probably spend more time thinking it’s hopeless to find privacy. BUT! There is relief! Here are 10 Tips to Avoid Leaving Tracks Around the Internet.

  • It’s officially November, which means it’s time to have the daily internal debate. Iced coffee or hot coffee?

  • Podcast Recommendation of the week: Borrowed by Brooklyn Public Library. More specifically Season 1, Episode 3: Something to Offend Everyone. What? We’re info nerds, of course, we like the podcast by the library. Enjoy this episode that dives into the dicey areas of censorship that libraries have a special relationship with.

  • Cute animal of the week: Yesterday was Halloween, so of course we had to find the best animal in costume. The winner is…drum roll, please. This dog as Froot Loops.