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Dept. Round-up: Nov. 8, 2019

It has been another lovely week in the Logic Dept. offices! And can you believe the colors we’re seeing out of our office window?! We recently welcomed Suzanne Pettypiece as a new officemate and are so glad to have her brilliance in our midst. And in links, we have… Way

Dept. Round-up: Nov. 1, 2019

We love qualitative data. We could spend all day digging through a mine of transcripts and notes. People tend to have a hard time understanding how we find gold in our research. So, we really appreciate this video that Nielsen Norman Group recently released. It offers a simple breakdown of

Dept. Round-up: Oct. 25, 2019

Kathryn Whitenton from Nielson Norman Group tackles an important question in this video. Do we still need IA? Obviously, we say yes we have a whole company built around it! Watch this video to see what pros from Nielson Norman Group have to say. Use of the term UX has

Dept. Round-up: Oct. 18, 2019

We have become obsessed with lady astronauts, and for good reason. The FIRST EVER all-woman spacewalk on the ISS is happening. It’s actually live as we write this round-up. Before you ask, yes, we are watching it as we write. What an inspirational moment for so many young people around

Dept. Round-up: Oct. 11, 2019

WE HAVE NEWS! Mark your calendars!! This Tuesday Sam is giving a talk with our friend Nette Compton from The Trust for Public Land. They will be discussing how to target a clear audience, do the work to engage them, and find out what they need from your site. It

Dept. Round-up: Oct. 4, 2019

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we have an awesome new tool on our website🎺. Check out our Site Evaluation Tool to see if your organization’s website needs some IA love. We tend to work with qualitative data, which is a special beast. We really appreciate this

Dept. Round-up: Sept. 27, 2019

Your site won’t organize itself. It’s a little bit long, but it really lays out the importance of having well-organized content. As Information Architects we love this piece. We have mixed feelings about Spot going on the market. Has no one at Boston Dynamics watched Black Mirror? But also, these

Dept. Round-up: Sept. 20, 2019

There was a drastic change in the world of Information Architecture this week. The IA Institute has dissolved. We want to thank everyone who has put so much time and effort into this organization. This community of professionals is a strong one, and we will continue to thrive. As Peter

Dept. Round-up: Sept. 13, 2019

In case you didn’t know, we have a huge office (pictured above). It’s filled with natural light and ample space to move around for things like workshops. Do you need space to conduct a workshop? We can help. We also have desks for rent in our office for those who

Dept. Round-up: Sept. 6, 2019

Don Norman, the author of The Design of Everyday Things, has written a thought-provoking article that calls out ageism in design culture. Designing for the elderly seems to be an often overlooked aspect of design. We agree with Don, this needs to be considered more often. The robots are taking