Bike to Work Month Challenge!

Gina and Clair holding their bikes above their heads victoriously

“Today, about 800,000, or roughly 10% of all New Yorkers ride a bike at least several times a month; 50,000 commute to work via bicycle every day; and New York City is home to the largest bike-sharing system in the nation.” streets blog nyc.

Clair & Gina from the Logic Dept. team participated in Bike to Work Month put on by Transportation Alternatives. We were pleased to take part in this challenge and get our bodies and bikes ready for the bike commuting weather. Being experts in usability we couldn’t help but think about the usability of the app while participating.

Here are our thoughts on what did and didn’t work during Bike to Work Month.

Things we didn’t love so much about Bike to Work Month:

  1. Manual Tracking of trips was difficult.
    • There was no way to manually log trips from the app, on days when one ride has already been tracked.
    • You can’t see trips, that were manually added on the website, in the app.
  2. It took a few attempts to figure out how to stop tracking your ride in the app.
  3. Unprotected bike lanes.

Things we loved about Bike to Work Month:

  1. You can see the standings of everyone on your team in one place.
    • We even received overall standings for the top teams in our email!
  2. The Bike Commuter Stations!
  3. The social media interactions for this challenge were really exciting.

Everyone on the Logic Dept. team has lived in New York City for several years, and have been able to see the changes the city has made to make bike commuting safer for everyone with the help of Transportation Alternatives. We can’t wait to see how the city continues to strive for more bike-friendly spaces.

Between vacations, illness, and indecisive weather our team rode a total of 93 miles in the month of May.