“Am I the only one who can’t find anything on our website?”

No matter how long you’ve been with an organization – could be one week or 10 years – there are always systems that you find frustrating to use. Could be a website, CMS, server files, database, or asset manager. Every time you use it, you think: “This is so frustrating and inefficient! I can’t find anything I need!”

You might imagine you’re the only one experiencing this frustration. The secret is: you’re not. If you feel frustrated, your teammates do, too. Which means that dozens, or even hundreds, of work hours each year are wasted by staff trying to use or work around confusing systems.

But the idea of overhauling a system like that is so overwhelming, no one wants to take it on.

Where would you even start?

Well, as experts in organizing information, we can tell you!

The first step to improving a system – and simultaneously get buy-in for the changes – is to gather detailed feedback from your colleagues. In the IA world, we call this stakeholder interviews.

This is something we do for our clients all the time. Today we’re going to lay out all of the steps so that you can do it yourself – if you’re ready for a challenge 🙂

Read the step-by-step instructions
TLDR: We can conduct stakeholder interviews for you!