You have a sneaking suspicion that your website could be better.

Maybe it’s cluttered.
Maybe it’s hard to navigate.
Or maybe the most important content is hidden.

We’re consultants who help with that, using research to identify the problems and find solutions.

Logic Department is an open-minded team of Information Architecture consultants providing research-based guidance. We exceed your expectations by offering functional solutions you didn’t even know to ask for. After working with us, you’ll have a clear path forward that combines user needs with business goals.

Meet Our Team >

Logic Department team around a computer
  • A library’s website has gotten way too “crowded” and the site’s menu options have become overly long
  • A museum’s growing digital collection has become unwieldy to the point that it’s difficult for users to find things
  • Two non-profits have merged and need to
    combine their content into one website
  • An environmental non-profit that realizes all of it’s best content is buried and unfindable

Our Team

Gina Kosty

Head of Operations and New Business

Stemming from her background in art, community planning, and business management, Gina brings a mix of creativity, strategy, and business savvy to the Logic Department team. An organizer and systems thinker by nature, she is proud to be implementing her skills in support of our work to deliver intuitive interfaces to our clients.

“I was drawn to this work by the participatory, collaborative process – whatever we create, I believe that the best possible product we can put out into the world is one that is made with input from the people who use it and sustain it.”

Sam Raddatz

Founder and CEO

With a background in project management, qualitative sociology and holding a Master’s degree in Information and Library Science, Sam tackles any challenge in the most organized and transparent way possible.

An active part of the international IA community, Sam was elected to Information Architecture Institute’s board as Director of Events and Programming where she oversaw the coordination of World Information Architecture Day.

“I’m a strong believer that in daily life, there are design solutions that can make almost every interaction less frustrating – from opening a door to browsing a website. So I love working on projects that reduce stress for both users and clients.”

Clair Rock

Information Architect

Clair has a deep interest in complex stories and how to make those stories accessible. They have built on a knowledge of filmmaking and a Masters of Science in Information Experience Design to apply those skills to information architecture. Clair’s passion is seeing data come together into cohesive solutions – turning a complex tangle into something organized.

“I love working in information architecture because of the joy that comes from helping people. They might have a problem and don’t know how to fix it – I can come in with my experience and understanding and help them solve the issues they’re dealing with.”