Key Stakeholders Intensive

How can we internally align on our website/digital product?

Timeframe: 3 days

Your organization has a website or app that needs to be fixed or modified – but not everyone is on the same page about what the problems or opportunities are or how to address them.

Based on one-on-one interviews with your team, in just three days we’ll develop a summary of your team’s concerns and goals for a product and a clear plan for how to move forward and address both.

Results exceeded my expectations: Logic Department provided essential insights and a roadmap for a successful site.

Perhaps more importantly, Logic Department offered welcome doses of sanity and sensibility, while also being exceptionally easy to work with.
Jeff Tancil
TancilTown Media

What your organization is struggling with now:

  • Disparate decisions being made in regards to your website or app
  • Designers who feel that they’re being yanked around with unclear priorities
  • Product managers who are taking shots in the dark regarding next steps
  • Customer service employees not feeling heard when it comes to product decisions
  • Middle-management who feels that each direction they try is spinning wheels
  • Management/VPs/Directors who are unable to get anything moving along due to disagreements throughout the organization
Logic Department employee working with a client

Benefits and Results of a Key Stakeholders Intensive:

We can help your organization:

  • Determine what the next product feature should be, or what the current issues are.
  • Gather input from every level of the organization in an unbiased manner.
  • Define goals in a way that takes multiple departments and needs into consideration.
  • Identify potential conflict areas that could hamper a project’s success.

An Intensive can result in:

  • Leadership being able to make more informed decisions on next steps.
  • Increased buy-in from staff because they feel heard and included in decision-making.
  • Saved time across departments and teams.

DAY 1: On-site interviews

During a one-day on-site visit (if located in NYC), we sit down with 6 staff members from different levels of your organization to gather their thoughts, goals and perceived challenges in relation to a specific website or app. All sessions are conducted individually and kept anonymous to encourage honesty and thoughtfulness without repercussions.

DAY 2: Interview Analysis

After concluding the sessions, we take everything we heard and look for patterns and consistent
hopes, goals, and concerns. We also highlight any areas where internal opinions are in conflict.

DAY 3: Report delivery

We deliver a report outlining everything we heard, recommendations on how to move forward, and what kind of outside resources are needed to be successful. This report will be accompanied by a
video-walkthrough from our head Information Architect to provide further context, which can be shared with any relevant project stakeholders.

We are then available via email for the remainder of the week to answer any outstanding questions.