Dept. Round-up: Jan 10, 2020

Clair working at a white board with a lot of text and lines on it

Another busy week here at Logic Dept! Clair has spent most of it locked in the conference room making the map above – so, basically, they were in heaven. But enough about us. To the links!

  • If I had a dollar for every time someone has said, “we don’t need to improve our navigation, we have a search box” I would be very rich. I’ll just pass this video along when I hear that from now on.
  • Online privacy is extremely important, and we are all a bit ignorant of just how much were being tracked. This app, Jumbo, can help you to at least be better informed about what data you’re allowing to be tracked and take steps to limit it, if you’d like. (via Dense Discovery)
  • It’s always satisfying to see research that supports your experience, in this case it supports my experience of being a pedestrian and friend of those injured by cars: How Media Coverage of Car Crashes Downplays the Role of Drivers
  • We’re a little late, but did you know Jan 1 of every year is public domain day?! This year works from 1924 became open to all. Hurray!
  • Important animal content: this otter loooves sushi!
  • “What I’m hoping to impress upon folks is that this work — the work of being an accomplice — might cost you something. Perhaps your comfort or social standing, or maybe even your safety. Real advocacy and comfort rarely go hand in hand.” from Don’t Be an Ally, Be An Accomplice
  • Podcast recommendation: NPR’s Life Kit is wonderful tips on how to actually make changes in your life! A good one to start with is How To Fight Food Waste. (via Closed Mondays)