Dept. Round-up: Dec. 13, 2019

Carroll Spinney holding Oscar the Grouch

Another week of bizarre weather here in Brooklyn – it was 60 on Tuesday! But we made it through and are looking forward to a cozy weekend. I personally plan to make a giant pot of kale and white bean soup (yummmm).
But before that… the links!

  • My passion and nerdery around Muppets and Sesame Street is intense, so hearing of Caroll Spinney’s passing makes me extremely sad 🙁 What an amazing life he had!
  • This is an older post, but making concept models is a key skill that we should all be reminded of frequently!
  • We’re so excited to see ‘They’ as Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year! For anyone who isn’t clear on this already: “English famously lacks a gender-neutral singular pronoun to correspond neatly with singular pronouns like everyone or someone, and as a consequence they has been used for this purpose for over 600 years.”
  • Look at these beautiful aerial images – anyone want to take up embroidery with me?
  • If there’s one rant everyone is sick of hearing from me, it’s this: why can’t people recycle correctly?! So this short article on why people can’t flatten cardboard boxes speaks to my soul, especially with sentences like, “Maybe this is negligence regarding cardboard box management is a sign of a broader unwillingness to take responsibility. Briefly put, people seem to want servants.”
  • We love reading, but it can feel incredibly hard to do! This comic perfectly encapsulates the reasons we struggle.
  • Reading-related: We LOVE our public library and encourage everyone to check-out books instead of buying them. This helpful Chrome plugin shows you, in-page, when a book is available at your local library (so you can find something on Amazon and then NOT buy it!)
  • Podcast recommendation: We try not to fall back on 99% Invisible all the time but… they’re all so good! This week, our recco is their episode on a mannequin named Cynthia and her role in window shopping in the 1930s!

photo by Neil Grabowsky