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Visualization of the layers of user experience with explanations of each layer

Beyond UX – How Information Architecture Improves User Experience

There are many, many components that go into a user’s overall experience, all the way from their real-world interactions with your organization to their online ones. The easiest aspect of user experience to see is the visual design – if something is visually pleasing, we can see it pretty clearly.

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Market Research vs. User Research

Understanding How to Utilize User Voice As a User Researcher, you’ll sometimes hear your clients ask, “Where in the research do you ask about brand awareness and perception?” And this is a question for a Market Researcher. Market research is not something many User Researchers do, as it’s a different

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Bike to Work Month Challenge!

“Today, about 800,000, or roughly 10% of all New Yorkers ride a bike at least several times a month; 50,000 commute to work via bicycle every day; and New York City is home to the largest bike-sharing system in the nation.” – streets blog nyc. Clair & Gina from the Logic

“Am I the only one who can’t find anything on our website?”

No matter how long you’ve been with an organization – could be one week or 10 years – there are always systems that you find frustrating to use. Could be a website, CMS, server files, database, or asset manager. Every time you use it, you think: “This is so frustrating