Logic Department is committed to improving usability through better information architecture.

We specialize in IA for non-profits, cultural institutions, and corporate clients.

We know that frustrating interfaces and confusing processes cost everyone time and money. By balancing user needs and client goals, we create successful solutions that benefit both.

We also know that life is too short to spend staring at a screen. So as a business, Logic Department is dedicated to efficient work, helping both our clients and our employees to enjoy more time living and learning outside of the office.

    The Types of Projects We Tackle

  • Two non-profits have merged and need to combine their content into one website.
  • A museum’s growing digital collection has become unwieldy to the point that it’s difficult for users to find things
  • A design agency is faced with a redesign for an information-heavy website and isn’t sure where to start to untangle the complexity
  • A company has proprietary software that is hard for their employees to use, which wastes the company time and money
  • A library’s website has gotten way too “crowded” and the site’s menu options have become overly long

Our Team

Shot of Logic Department team members at a table

Sam Raddatz, Founder and IA

With a background in project management, qualitative sociology and holding a Master’s degree in Information and Library Science, Sam tackles any challenge in the most organized and transparent way possible.

An active part of the international IA community, Sam was elected to Information Architecture Institute’s board as Director of Events and Programming where she oversees the coordination of World Information Architecture Day.

“I was first motivated to pursue work in IA after reading The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman. It opened my eyes to how good design can influence our experience of the world. I’m a strong believer that in daily life, there are design solutions that can make almost every interaction less frustrating – from opening a door to browsing a website. So I love working on projects that reduce stress for both users and clients.”

Paige DuPont, Usability Specialist

Through her economics degree from the University of San Francisco, Paige found a passion for empathy and a desire for creating scenarios that meet human needs. She honed these skills through the User Experience Design course at General Assembly and joined Logic Department in 2015 to conduct usability reviews and user testing. She now focuses on helping clients understand their users’ experiences through a combination of data and contextual research.

“I really love interacting with people and working in a field that couples business and creativity. The best thing about this job is catering to our clients; understanding their needs and mapping out an approach that fits their goals, priorities, and ideals.”